On-screen keyboard [ Display keyboard ]
Virtual on-screen keyboard offers protection against some computer viruses and other malicious software, which may attempt to steal your password. (more information at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spyware) This is useful if you're accessing your account from an internet café or other place with public computers.
Controls [ Hide keyboard ]    [ Change keyboard position ]    [ Default position ]
  • To type your password, please click on corresponding letters, your input will be directed to the password field automatically (characters will be replaced with asterisks or dots).
  • Letters can be deleted with the [Backspace] key in the top right corner of the keyboard.
  • Press [Shift] to type a capital letter or [Caps] to toggle between uppercase and lowercase.
  • You can switch between different keyboard localizations (EN/CZ/SK/HU/PL) by clicking on the bottom-left key.